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Church Log is a simple service to help the church keep a register of those who come into the building while ‘track and trace’ is necessary due to Covid-19.
Contact details can be added by someone overseeing visitors by logging in to or by the visitor themselves by scanning a QR code with their smartphone and adding their details.

The list is kept confidentially in accordance with GDPR requirements and will only be released, to the appropriate authorities, in the event of a visitor later testing positive for COVID-19. Lists are deleted after 21 days in accordance with the government requirement

Please ensure only one registration is made per church building unless also used by eg independent user (eg Childcare provider, Diet or Exercise class)


Once registered, everyone needs to be logged as they arrive. This is important. There are two ways people can be logged:

  1. Someone on the door welcoming visitors may take their details and enter them at – only the welcomer should do this to avoid cross-infection through touching the same device
  2. Visitors may self-register using their smartphone by scanning the QR code that you will display on or near the entrance door.

Note: Only one registration is needed per household group, but all persons attending need to be named.

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